Monitoring Online Courses with Logfiles

Funding: AAA/SWITCH – e-infrastructure for e- science” programme under the leadership of SWITCH, the Swiss National Research and Education Network, supported by funds from State Secretariat for Education and Research (SER).

Coordinator: Marco Bettoni (FFHS)

Period: Jan. 2011 - Aug. 2012

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Teachers, students, study program managers and administrators need feedback about the status of the activities in online-courses


The purpose of the MOCLog project is to develop a tool for the analysis and presentation of log data on a Moodle server. The new idea of MOCLog is to combine in a useful tool a didactical theory with users’ data and to serve the needs of four groups of stakeholders: students, teachers, study program managers and administrators. The approach that we followed with MOCLog is the analysis of learning activities in online-courses from a didactical point of view (learning process and outcomes), thus going beyond than simply counting and visualizing the numbers of posts and clicks. For this purpose, a model of the log file analysis was proposed, derived from didactical principles, and an analysis of user requirements. These requirements have been collected through interviews with stakeholders, theoretical studies from the literature, and from the experience of our team members as researchers in eLearning. Based on this, a model composed by a concept map, a solution map and use cases was developed. Implementation started from these use cases and specified a design that allows realizing them within the context of Moodle, either by reusing components available from the GISMO system, or by implementing new ones. After a series of different tests and the implementation of related improvements, the MOCLog system is now available for deployment and exploitation in academic institutions.

My contribution

I coordinated the development of the MOCLog tools.

Publications (see publications page for pdf files)


Riccardo Mazza, Andrea Baldassari, Roberto Guidi. Ondigita: a platform for the management and delivery of digital documents. In: Inmaculada Arnedillo Sánchez and Pedro Isaías. (2013). Proceedings of the international conference mobile learning 2013. Lisbon, Portugal, March 14-16, 2013. IADIS Press. ISBN: 978-972-8939-81-6


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