Swiss edu-ID Mobile App

Funding: Swissuniversities, programme: SUC P-2 "Scientific information: access, processing and safeguarding"

Project Leader : Christian Glahn, HTW Chur, Blended Learning Center

Period: Jan. 2016 – Dec. 2017


Mobile apps for information services are mandatory with the ubiquitous presence of smart phones and tablets. Many universities have created their own special purpose apps. Yet, a vast number of apps for different purposes are available on the market. Many of these apps have potential use in research and teaching, but cannot get integrated into the infrastructures of Universities and Universities of Applied Sciences due to the lack for securely authorizing the apps with the existing services before exchanging data.


The overall project aims to deliver a Swiss edu-ID Mobile App that serves as a frontend to securely authorize third party mobiles apps for accessing services in the Swiss academic domain. The project aims to provide an authorization infrastructure for mobile apps for cloud-based services that is grounded on coherent trusted channels both within the Swiss Academic Domain as well as on the end-users’ mobile devices in order to allow transparent and secure access of mobile apps to Swiss academic information services over the Internet. This authorization infrastructure contributes to reducing development and integration costs for bringing mobile apps to academic institutions at scale

My contribution

Resercher and coordinator of the development team in Lugano



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