Moodle Notifications

Funding: AAA/SWITCH – e-infrastructure for e- science” programme under the leadership of SWITCH, the Swiss National Research and Education Network, supported by funds from State Secretariat for Education and Research (SER).

Coordinator: Riccardo Mazza

Period: August, 2010 - December, 2010


Learners and instructors need effective tools that facilitate their interaction. To actively participate to the class' activities on the learning platform, learners have to be informed whether new content has been posted into a Moodle course. Either the instructor has to inform their learners (by posting a message in the news forum) or the learner has to periodically log into the Moodle platform to see whether new content or activities have been inserted since the last visit.


In order to facilitate the notification of new Moodle events, we will design and implement a solution that periodically notifies learners about new content or activities included into a Moodle course. This solution will act as a sentinel that detects whether new contents or new activities have been included into the Moodle course, and notify the learners and/or the instructors about that. Notifications methods will be:

My contribution

I submitted this project to the funding institution and coordinated the work.


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