Behavioural Simulator for Professional Training based on Natural Language Interaction

Funding: Swiss National Confederation's innovation promotion agency (CTI)

Project Leader : Riccardo Mazza

Period: Sept. 2016 – Apr. 2018


Computer based learning is a rapidly growing paradigm in education. From simple hyperlinked versions of textbooks, digital learning systems have evolved to complete simulation environments where students are faced with complex, real-life like situations. Current systems are limited by their human-machine interfaces which do not allow for natural interaction between user and simulation.


LifeLike is an online simulation system designed to train and assess behavioral and negotiating abilities in a realistic interactive scenario, where users can interact and communicate with characters specifically designed to challenge their negotiation abilities. The project's goal is to enhance the system by simulating a normal interview with real users through natural language, thus enabling users to behave in more natural ways without keyboards or other input devices.

My contribution

Project leader and coordinator



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