SWISSLING - A Swiss network of Linguistics Courseware

Funding: Swiss National Science Foundation, Swiss Virtual Campus Program.

Project Leader: prof. Eddo Rigotti, University of Lugano.

Period: 3 years: 1 October 2001 - 30 September 2004

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SWISSLING is a joint project with the major objective to develop an introductory course in linguistics targeted to university beginners in human sciences (linguistics; communication sciences; literature and languages). SWISSLING consortium is composed by a network of five Swiss linguistics departments - Lugano (USI), Basel, Geneva, Lausanne, and Zürich. It produced 12 courseware modules covering all the main subfields of the discipline that can be combined to form introductory courses in linguistics adapted to various teaching needs and usable both within blended learning scenarios and in complete distance learning contexts.

My contribution

I was responsible for the technical aspects of the project in SUPSI. In particular, my tasks were the installation of the software platforms (WebCT and BlackBoard), organisation of tutorials to learn the use of the platforms, assistance for course implementation, and technical maintenance. The experience I acquired with this project was crucial for the definition of the research questions in my Ph.D. work.

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