IRCS Water

Sistema software intelligente di Indicizzazione, Ricerca e Consultazione Semantica

Funding: Swiss National Confederation’s innovation promotion agency (CTI).

Project Leader : Lorenzo Sommaruga, Laboratory for Semantic and Multimedia Systems (LSMS), SUPSI.

Period: June. 2008 – Dec. 2009


In the context of water management, an important issue is to manage the huge amount of documentation and heterogeneous data.


The project goal is to develop an intelligent software to semantically index, search, and navigate the documentation used in water management plants. SUPSI-DTI contribution mainly concerns the technological and design choices, operating the know-how transfer of the semantic Web (Web 3.0) and Web 2.0 innovative technologies. An ontology will be formalized (OWL) and inference rules defined by means of a specific devopment tool that will allow the final users to work on the data and knowledge in their specific application domain.

My contribution

I contributed to this project on the design of the graphical user interface: the OWLeasyViz ontology editor. I proposed a solution to the issue of ontology visualization, by designing an intuitive and user-friendly ontology editing and visualization environments mainly oriented to domain experts. OWLeasyViz is an ontology editor that combines a textual and a graphical representation of OWL ontologies. It meets different user needs by providing a simple and intuitive interface to end-users who are not ontologists, and offering more advanced tools to ontology experts.

Publications (see publications page for pdf files)

P12 Nadia Catenazzi, Lorenzo Sommaruga, Riccardo Mazza. User-friendly ontology editing and visualization tools: the OWLeasyViz approach. In: Proceedings of the 13th IEEE International Conference on Information Visualisation. Barcellona, Spain. 14-17 July 2009. pp. 283-288. IEEE. ISBN: 978-0-7695-3733-7. 

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