Why you cannot find a blog in my WebSite

I regret, but I don't have a blog.

Blogs are a new form of publishing ideas, opinions, or whathever on the Web, as a sort of personal on line diary. The main difference between a classic diary and a blog is that the diary usually is kept secret, while a blog aims to reach a large community of people. Nowadays  anyone has a blog: journalists, housewifes, students, and even professors. I don't have a blog, why? If I have something to say to "the world" (that means to nobody in particular), I just say that. There are several ways (more direct) to share your ideas with others: talk to your wife, your kids, your students. Send an e-mail to your best friends. Send a letter. Why everybody must be interested on my ideas I put on the Web? Do  you want to know something from me? Ask me.

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