Silvia Giordano

Head of Networking Lab

Member of ISIN Direction

University of Applied Science – SUPSI

Galleria 2 – via Cantonale

6928 Manno


+41 91 6108516

silvia (dot) giordano (at) supsi (dot) ch



I joint SUPSI in 2003, at the department of Technology and Innovation (DTI), where I'm in the Directory Board of the ( Institute of Systems for Informatics and Networking) and head of the (Networking Lab).

I hold a PhD. from EPFL, Switzerland. I'm teaching several courses in the area of: Networking, Wireless and Mobile Networking, Quality of Services and Networks Applications. I'm co-editor of the book ”Mobile Ad Hoc Networking” (IEEE-Wiley 2004). I have published extensively on journals, magazines and conferences in the areas of quality of services, traffic control, wireless and mobile ad hoc networks. I participated in several European ACTS/IST projects and European Science Foundation (ESF) activities.

Since 1999 I serve as Editor of IEEE Communication Magazine of IEEE Communication Society, and I'm currently editor of the series co-editor of the Series on  Ad Hoc And Sensor Networks of the IEEE Communication Magazine.  I'm also editor of Ad hoc networks journal by Elsevier, Ad Hoc & Sensor Wireless Networks journal, Ocpscience, Journal of Ubiquitous Computing and Intelligence (JUCI) and Journal of Autonomic and Trusted Computing (JoATC) both by American Scientific Publishers (ASP), and Mediterranean Journal of Computer and Networks, SoftMotor. I've been co-editor of several special issues of IEEE Communications Magazine and Baltzer MONET and Cluster Computing on mobile ad hoc networking and QoS networking.

I will be PhD-Forum co-chair of IEEE WoWMoM 2010, was general chair of IEEE WoWMoM 2009 and IEEE WONS 2005, program co-chair of IEEE PERCOM 2009, IEEE VTC-Fall 2008, IEEE MASS 2007, workshop chair of IEEE WOWMoM 2007, tutorial chair of MobiHoc PhD-Forum co-chair of ACM MobiOpp 2010. I'm in the steering committee of IEEE Persens workshop, IEEE AOCworkshop and ACM Mobihoc SANET workshop and in on the executive committee and TCP of several international conferences, and serve as reviewer on transactions and journals, as well as for several important conferences.

The Networking Lab participated and participates in several international and national projects with recognized high scientific and market value, as EXPERT, MOBILEMAN,  Haggle, MEMORY , EU-Mesh, MONARCA and SCAMPI.

I'm a member of IEEE Computer Society, ACM and IFIP WG 6.8. I'm in the board of ACM N2Women. My current research interests include wireless and mobile ad hoc networks, QoS and traffic control.

Previously, I have been working since 1995 at the Institute of Communications and Applications (ICA) at EPFL, Lausanne; and at CSCS, Manno.


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